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Welcome to the Global Management Mentors website ! You might have found yourself landing here by chance or by design. In either case you are probably at the right place if you are looking for direction on the topics specific to Project Management in the IT world or Leadership Talent and Development in a complex world of ours today !

Who Are We

We are a group of seasoned senior managers working in top MNCs like HP, Dell, Oracle, Microfocus etc leading out business units, R&D functions and project management functions. This group of us are all extremely passionate about the topics of management and leadership. Each with over 25 years of experience played different roles as managers and dealt successfully within many different management and leadership challenges. One day over coffee this idea sprung about why not bring our collective experience together to help people in this area. That is how Global Management Mentors was born !

Everyone Needs A Mentor

Looking back we all feel that having a mentor would have been really helpful. This need not be restricted to work alone. We all seek out mentors to help us in our lives when we are faced with difficult challenges. Such is the nature of life that we are constantly served with challenges. These challenges help us grow and learn in the process of dealing with them and we look forward to mentors to take us through those phases.

Today’s management challenges are far different and more complex. Projects are bigger, more complex, span across the globe and encompass a multitude of cultural and gender diversities. Whether you are newbie manager or a seasoned one, one would always look for advice. Who would you seek out? obviously the most experienced ones right? He or She should have the experience and knowledge to lead and guide you through the challenge.

We realized in our collective experience that many companies do not invest a lot in the systematic development of management talent. Many are accidental managers .They are thrown at challenges and left to deal with them.

A course here , a talk there and some content around a few topics. That is all we get to see. But can you become a good manager without investing your time and money on it? Can you become a great , inspiring leader without knowing how to go about it?

In The Quest For A Perfect Manager

So are there any perfect managers ? We do not know the answer to this  but on this site our earnest attempt is to  to make as many perfect as we can. Here we will cover all the traditional management topics around project management, team building, conflict resolutions, negotiation skills and host of other skills a new manager would need to know. We will also attempt to cover a lot of not so traditional topics around leadership development. These topics like others will come from our collective experience. They might not teach these in management books nevertheless they will be  important skills you will need to navigate in an aggressive ,hostile at times , changing and a multidimensional world of management.

We also be reviewing good course content on management and leadership from time to time. This content vetted out by us will add to the knowledge and experience as you move up the management ladder.

We invite you to participate in this journey along with us. Come let us explore the wonderful world of management together. We appreciate your time and know that it is valuable so we will attempt to make it most fruitful while you are here with us. We would love to hear your suggestions on topics, your experiences and any other feedback so please add your comments  or write to us at  mymentor@globalmanagementmentors.com.

If you have specific questions and/or you are  seeking guidance on a management problem or you want to find resources on a certain topic you can write to us at mymentor@globalmanagementmentors.com



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